Chesky Blau: Someone Other Than Biden

"I wish the Democrats could have come up with an alternative (to Biden)."
By | Jul 02, 2024
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Age: 48
Occupation: Rabbi, health-care industry contractor

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Party Registration: Democratic
Jewish Denomination: Orthodox (Hasidic)
Current 2024 Vote: Undecided but leaning Republican
2020 Vote: Joe Biden
Family: Married; 8 children and 2 grandchildren
News Sources: Ami Magazine, Yeshiva World News 

Do the felony convictions diminish Trump? Do they help Biden? Do they change the trajectory of the 2024 race?

It’s not good. But again, to be honest, the race between Trump and Biden remains the same. It doesn’t change a thing. You probably saw in the news that the week after the conviction, Trump got more money than in, I don’t know, a long time.

So have you made up your mind to vote for Trump?

Not 100 percent. But I’m leaning very much in that direction because I don’t know about Biden. You see the video. It’s serious. I don’t know who is running the country. He was a very good senator. I don’t know what to say.

Do the convictions in New York for payoffs to Stormy Daniels bother you that much?

It is not a good thing. But if it had been the Donald Trump of 30 years ago, I don’t think that they would go after him. I’m not saying what he did was right, but that this happens and I think he was for sure targeted.

Does the morality question here bother you? Here is a man consorting with a porn star, while his wife is pregnant, and then paying her off? This is not a supremely moral character, right?

You’re right, you’re right. But, again, what are the choices? I wish the Democrats could have come up with an alternative (to Biden).

Has President Biden handled Gaza and Israel in a satisfactory manner? Is it influencing your vote? Maybe making you lean more towards Trump?

So in the beginning, Biden was actually very, very good. He was a strong supporter of Israel. But l think the war is taking too long. I think Trump would have finished it months ago. The longer it takes, the whole world focuses on things like human rights and stuff. If it had been over in a month, no one would be talking about it anymore. It’s just taking too long. And Biden is getting pressure to stop the arms (to Israel).

Why do you think Trump would be doing a better job than Biden?

It’s a good question. Right now, the Palestinians don’t care. There’s no fear of anyone. If Trump were president, they would think twice before they do something. But now it’s like a free-for-all. What I’m saying is (Trump) would have more of an effect. If he said something, and threatened them or whatever, even if it wasn’t true, people would take him more seriously than they do Biden. 

I don’t know if you know it, but I’m a very big Democrat!

One thought on “Chesky Blau: Someone Other Than Biden

  1. Amy M. says:

    I’m disappointed that the interviewer didn’t ask how Mr. Blau feels about the likelihood that Trump as president would be happy to make Christianity the official religion of the US, and the fact that he’s surrounded by Christian nationalists. Also, how he feels about Trump’s use of Nazi language (calling people vermin, etc.) and other anti-Semitic comments he’s made through the years.

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