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Super Sukkot Recipes

Butternut squash soup

Top Foods to Eat on Sukkot

It is that time of year again: the leaves changing, the weather cooling, October whirling into crisp, crunchy autumn. As the festivities begin and people start decorating, it can mean only one thing: It’s time to build a sukkah. Sukkot is a harvest holiday, which means it’s all about the food. As Sukkot is only days away, here are the top foods to enjoy in your sukkah (while doing that mitzvah!).

Recipe of the Moment: Etrog Jam

Although careful steps are taken to ensure an unblemished, perfect etrog for Sukkot, once the holiday is over it has little use.

Or does it?

Many families use the post-Sukkah etrog, a member of the citrus family, to make a delicious jam!  Here’s our favorite recipe, taken from the out of print “Jewish Cooking for Pleasure” by Molly Lyons Bar-David.

The Delectable History Behind Your Favorite High Holiday Foods

Moment‘s new  ebook The Delectable History Behind Your Favorite High Holiday Foods celebrates the rich cultural history of Jewish foods from all over the world.   The book also offers recipes from renowned chefs and food writers such as Joan Nathan and Vered Guttman. 
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Super Sukkahs!

The Sukkah Of Your Wildest Dreams

Welcome to Sukkah City, possibly the most architecturally innovative holiday celebration in Jewish History.  The competition, dreamed up by Joushua Foer and staged in New York City, asked for submissions for re-imagined, modern-day Sukkot that followed all the biblical rules and traditions for building a kosher Sukkah.

Explore the winning sukkahs designs here.

Sukkah for Sale!

My father is selling his sukkah. It’s the only piece of real estate he and my mother own, a temporary hut without even a real roof.  It’s priceless, of course, but he is asking $4,900. He set that number after consulting with a friend who sells real estate.
While he considers it “priced to sell” at $4,900,  he really just wants to find it a home, which is easier said than done.

Why Do We Fall for Fall?

High Holiday Sights, Sounds & Smells

From a young age, we are conditioned to love fall. The sweet Rosh Hashanah taste of honey recipes, the sounds of the shofar blasts, and the citrusy smell of etrogim that fills the synagogue on Sukkot mold us from a young age to connect this time of year to the sensations of the High Holidays.

Read about how the sensory exuberance  of the the crunching of apples, the sweetness of honey creates and other Fall sensations creates lasting recollections and marks them in our memory as “temporal landmarks.”