Celebrate Purim!

Purim costumes, recipes, movies, art and more

Read on to explore the meaning behind Purim and some modern day reflections on an ancient holiday. Gain insights into Esther’s role in Purim and how lessons transcend time. Moment also offers some tips to make your Purim more festive.

Happy Purim!

Lessons from Purim and Beyond

“So, Are Jews a Race?”

Regardless of how they define “their people,” the Bible’s Esther and Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky are both heroes who unexpectedly “stepped up” to save their people.


What A Holiday of Masks Teaches Us About Visibility

In a modern era of opaque government, sneaky decrees and increasing incitement threatening both Jewish and transgender identities, explore how the 2,500-year old Purim story of revelation and redemption feels more relevant than ever.

Purim Costumes

Jewish Halloween costume

Purim: The Jewish Halloween

As Purim approaches, so does the opportunity to impress your friends with the wittiness and originality of your costume.
Click here for some last-minute costume ideas inspired by news about Jews.

What to Watch

Queen Esther Goes to Hollywood

The Megillah in the movies? Read Moment‘s recommendations about which films to watch, who does it right and who doesn’t!

Visual Moment

Queen Esther

Esther Before Ahasuerus by Artemesia Gentileschi

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s dramatic Esther Before Ahasuerus, painted by the Italian Baroque artist Artemesia Gentileschi nearly four hundred years ago.

Talk of the Table

A Persian-Flavored Purim

This year for Purim, which begins on the evening of March 6, why not celebrate with a dish that evokes the setting of the Megillah (the story of Queen Esther) in ancient Persia?
Get in the spirit, grab a noisemaker, organize your ingredients, don an apron, and the costume of your choice and let Purim begin!