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Beto O’Rourke Runs the Israel Gauntlet

  Jews make up less than one percent of the Texas population. And yet the “Israel question” has reared its head in this year’s most-watched Senate race between up-and-coming Democratic hopeful Beto O’Rourke and former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, both considered by many to be the faces of their parties’ futures. O’Rourke, El Paso’s favorite son, has gone on a journey almost every rising U.S. politician is familiar with: establishing positions on Israel, convincing the local Jewish community (and often the local evangelical community) of their pro-Israel bona-fides, voting the right way—and then, despite all that, at some point down the road when an election gets tough, getting hammered for not being sufficiently pro-Israel. O’Rourke, who experienced a meteoric rise, went through this entire process in only four years. It began in the summer of 2014, when...

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Trump's Jewish Advisers

Donald Trump’s Jewish Advisers: A Primer

Days before Rosh Hashanah, President Donald Trump gathered some of his closest Jewish advisers to sit next to him in the Oval Office as he conducted the traditional presidential High Holiday conference call with rabbis and Jewish leaders. Here are some of the members of the American Jewish community with whom the president consults.

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