Israel-Hamas War, Explained

Moment guides you through the intensifying conflict with key background, exclusive interviews and fresh analysis.


The Soul of Israel: Lost in Translation with Daniel Gordis and Amy E. Schwartz

Join author Daniel Gordis, creator of the Israel from the Inside blog and podcast for a discussion about what non-Hebrew speakers don’t always get about what’s happening in Israel and share insights into the country’s soul and future.

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The Israel-Hamas War: Updates and Analysis (Part 3) with Aaron David Miller and Robert Siegel

What’s going on behind the scenes in Israel, Gaza, the U.S., throughout the Middle East and the world? Is the Israel-Hamas war going to come to an end soon, and what constitutes a successful end for Israel? Middle East analyst Aaron David Miller and Moment contributor Robert Siegel , return for another conversation to address these and other pressing questions.

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