Can You Beat Peter Sagal? Take Our Quiz Now!

By | Jan 08, 2014

Try your hand at our quiz “So you claim to be Jewish?”  modeled on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’s lightning fill in the blank segment. The questions are based on recent issues of Moment, so if you’ve been reading, you should know all the answers. Then watch Peter Sagal, the host of NPR’s news quiz show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, answer the questions in the video below.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. In 1923, the Heinz Company—famous for its ubiquitous ketchup—manufactured the first product to bear the O-U kosher certification, a can of _______.

2. Dan Sandler, who was arrested earlier this year for trying to extort $2 million from the Girl Scouts, gained notoriety for shouting anti-Semitic rants while wearing a _____ costume in Times Square.

3. This Israeli-trained sniper and beloved sex therapist _____ is the subject of a new Off Broadway play.

4. The egg cream, that much-beloved (and cavity-causing) Jewish treat, was invented in New York in 1890 and is made with milk, soda water and ______

5. It’s not chopped liver, but Jews have historically been involved in the production and trade of the French delicacy ______, made from the fattened liver of a duck or a goose.

6. In recognition of his varied family ancestry, Los Angeles’s first Jewish mayor, Eric Garcetti, has been nicknamed the “kosher _____”

7. In the 1947 film Gentleman’s Agreement, Gregory Peck’s character, on undercover assignment to write a magazine story on anti-Semitism, changes his name from Phil Green to Phil ______

8. Before enlisting in World War II, future big screen leading man ______ changed his name from the tongue-twisting Issur Danielovitch to something a little WASPier-sounding.

9. The Obamas’ White House seder uses the  ______ haggadah, first distributed in the early 1930s and now considered the longest-running sales promotion in advertising history.

10. If he were Jewish, Edward Snowden might be called a moser, the Jewish legal term for _______.

11. General order number 11, issued by future president _____ in 1862, ordered the expulsion of all  Jews  from the military district comprising Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky.

12. President ______ appointed the first Jewish secretary of state.

13. According to a 2008 study, ____ percent of Catholic men in Spain and Portugal have Y chromosomes indicating they’re of Jewish ancestry.

14. If The Exorcist had been about Jews, the spirit possessing Regan would have been called a  ____, the Yiddish word for possession.

15. Once rabbis decided that the stimulating brew was kosher, religious Jews drank coffee to stay awake for evening ______.

16. Famed early 20th century vaudeville performer _____, whose father was both a rabbi and a cantor, uttered the iconic line “you ain’t heard nothin’ yet”

17. The comedy skit 2,000 year old man was created in 1961 by comedians Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, who met on the set of the television program ______.

18. The magician’s catchphrase, “abracadabra,” has its roots in the _______ language, from words meaning “I create what I speak.”

19. Democratic California Congressman Brad Sherman met his wife through _______ while in office.

20. The number of Jewish members of Congress that belong to the Tea Party is ­­____.

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