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Can Robots be Jewish? And Other Pressing Questions of Modern Life

Edited by Amy E. Schwartz. Foreword by Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg. Afterword by Rabbi Shira Stutman.

Can Robots Be Jewish? is a celebration―of the ongoing vitality of the Jewish encounter with modernity, of the shared religious language that persists across denominations, of the spiritual power of machloket l’shem Shamayim, argument for the sake of Heaven. No matter where you position yourself on the Jewish spectrum, this book is a gift.” —Yossi Klein Halevi

Elie Wiesel: An Extraordinary Life and Legacy

Edited by Nadine Epstein. Foreword by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. Afterword by Ted Koppel.

“This book of reflections is a fitting tribute to the legacy of Elie Wiesel. In its pages and through the words of its contributors, you will feel a promise, not just to the souls who perished, but also to Elie and all those who survived Europe’s darkest night.” Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Have I Got A Cartoon For You!: The Moment Magazine Book of Jewish Cartoons, Bob Mankoff

Have I Got A Cartoon For You! The Moment Magazine Book of Jewish Cartoons

Edited by Bob Mankoff. Introduction by Bob Mankoff. Foreword by Roz Chast.

City of Light by Theodore and Aimee Bikel

The City Of Light

Theodore Bikel with Aimee Ginsburg Bikel. Illustrated by Noah Phillips.