Bizarre Tales from the Holy Land

By | Feb 16, 2009

By Jeremy Gillick
Evidence of the approaching end-times, a society gone-psycho, or just more proof that humans are weird?

In the first tale, Haaretz reports that a man dressed up as spiderman (from a settlement, logically), was arrested for harassing commuters:

“Israel Police have grown accustomed to strange sights on Israel’s highways, but nothing could have prepared them for the sight of a man in a Spiderman costume jumping on top of cars and throwing ropes at the startled commuters’ vehicles.

“Cops were called to the scene after receiving a flurry of calls from gridlocked commuters near the Rosh Ha’ayin intersection who reported a man in a Spiderman costume throwing ropes at cars, the improvised lassos presumably meant to substitute for the web-crawler’s famous mechanical web-shooters.”After his arrest and during the police investigation, “the man told police he woke up in the hospital wearing the costume, with no recollection of where it came from.

The second tale concerns an older Israeli man, Goel Ratzon, who has 32 wives and 89 children.

According to Haaretz, “Ratzon is held by his companions to be the savior (Goel in Hebrew) of the universe, and is attributed godly and supernatural abilities. Many of the women have tattooed his name and portrait on their bodies.”

Additionally, “The names of every one of Ratzon’s 89 children include his own first name. For instance, one of his sons is called Avinu Ha-Goel (our father the savior) and he has a daughter named Tehilat Ha-Goel (glory of the savior).”

Although there have been several attempts at both collective and individual suicides–when concern that Ratzon might abandon the women arose–for the most part, the cult appears to function reasonably in society.

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