Battle of the Jewish Book Nerds

By | Sep 15, 2009
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By Sarah Breger

In an interview with The New Yorker’s Book Bench, Lev Grossman, Time’s book critic and author of The Magicians explains his long-standing feud with Jonathan Safran Foer:

I used to write in a local coffee shop, but there was another guy, another writer, who kept sitting in my favorite seat. I would show up, and he would be there, and I would get exiled to a couch or something, and it would throw me off my game. Then I figured out that he was Jonathan Safran Foer. True story. You don’t get over a thing like that.

This is kind of like the time I sat near Nathan Englander at the Hungarian Pastry Shop in New York. He was working on For The Relief of Unbearable Urges and I was eating a cheese danish. True story.

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