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Simon Rockower Awards

An Inconvenient Genocide”, Tom Gjelten (two first place awards)

The ghosts of Khan of Ajjur”, Arieh O’Sullivan

High Court in the Hot Seat”, Eetta Prince-Gibson

 “Visual Moment — A Biblical Family Torn Asunder”, Frances Brent

 “David Duke Abroad”, Liam Hoare

Mine, Mine, All Mine”, Marshall Breger


Simon Rockower Awards
A Jewish Outsider in Paris,” Robert Siegel
It’s Stephen Miller time,” Marc Fisher
The New Mechitza,” Eetta Prince-Gibson
Award for General Excellence, Best Website

Religion News Association
Award for Excellence in Magazine, Best Issue


Simon Rockower Awards
The Dark Side of Shalom Bayit,” Nadine Epstein
Inside the Iron Dome,” Dan Raviv (first place in two categories)
Abby Stein: A Gender Transition Through a Jewish Lens,” Simi Horwitz


Mirror Awards
Sheldon Adelson: Playing to Win,” Nadine Epstein and Wesley G. Pippert, finalist for best single article/story
Report From Whitefish: After the Cyber Storm,” Ellen Wexler, finalist for best single article/story

Simon Rockower Awards
Letter From New Haven,” Ellen Wexler, Award for Excellence in Social Justice Reporting
No Patience for Patriarchy,” Eetta Prince-Gibson, first place, David Frank Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles
The Polish Republic of Untruth,” Konstanty Gebert, first place Award of Excellence in Writing about Jewish Heritage and Jewish Peoplehood in Europe
Growing Up Trump,” Marc Fisher, first place Award for Excellence in Feature Writing
After the Cyber Storm,” Ellen Wexler, second place Award for Excellence in Feature Writing

Religion News Association Awards
Strangers in Their Own Land,” May Jeong, print & online finalist
Letter From New Haven,” “Letter From Dahlonega” and “Report From Whitefish,” Ellen Wexler and Noah Phillips, multiple media finalist
Letter From Whitefish” (video), Zachary Frank, multiple media finalist