Author: Sarah Breger

Yossi Leshem

Meet the Birdman

20:45 17 July in 2011 July-August, Arts & Culture, Israel

Yossi Leshem—the world-renowned ornithologist and champion of Israel’s environmental movement—resembles a cross between a linebacker and an academic. Frameless glasses perched precariously on his nose, he speeds through Jerusalem’s narrow streets, simultaneously leaning down to fumble for a pamphlet about owls, answering his cell phone...

Tel Aviv Summer

15:14 22 July in Latest, Politics

Moment's first Happy Hour was a huge success!! We keep on getting requests for the Tel Aviv Summer cocktail recipe. So here it is- (One hint: If you drink it while reading a copy of Moment it tastes 10% better) Tel Aviv Summer Cocktail Variety: Sour-Sweet Cocktail Strength: Medium Cocktail Size: Long Glass type: ...