Poem | Of All the Peoples by Nathan Alterman

When under the gallows our children cried We did not hear the world’s wrath. For of all the peoples you selected us For us you loved and sanctified. For you selected us of all the peoples hose of France, Japan and Norway. And when our children march to the gallows Smart Jewish kids, they all know That their blood does not count and say Mom, turn your eyes the other way. The iron devoured day and night And the holy Christian Father in the city of Rome Did not come out with the icons of Christ To stand one day in a pogrom. To stand one day, one single day Where for years like a lamb A small Unknown Jewish kid Stands alone. Great is the worry about sculptures and paintings Lest those art treasures are destroyed in a raid But the heads of infants, art treasures they are, Are smashed to the walls, and crushed on the...

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