Jessica Grenbaum

Poem | The Poem I Wrote Two Days After the Election Was Called

That morning broke just as beautifully as the two days before. Having celebrated—the shouts called us out from wherever we were—we did dance in the streets, the glee was collective and all out, it didn’t leave us at any point, and any wa-hoo set off a wave of them down the block or in the Long Meadow of Prospect Park, where I met friends so we could sit together, distanced but happy, listening to the intermittent cheers like surf crashing. And in the satisfied quiet of the next day, Jed and I drove to the country and paddled to the middle of the still lake and sat with our eyes closed facing the late afternoon’s sun. And that evening we visited friends in their long yard, there were eight of us, each couple seated like spaced compass points around the center, where joy seemed to spool, collecting itself in darkness....

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