This caramelized and peppery version of the Ashkenazi dish can be cooked overnight or over any 8-hour period.  You will need parchment paper and a 7-inch round, 4-inch tall pan (8-inch round pot can also work, but the kugel will be less tall); or 2 medium loaf pans.   Serves 10-12 Ingredients 1            lb. thick egg noodles such as spaetzle or kluski 1/2       cup corn oil 1/2       cup sugar 1/2       cup water 2           teaspoons black pepper 2           teaspoons salt 6           eggs, lightly beaten   Instructions 1. Cook the noodles according to the instructions on the package. Drain, and put back in the pot. 2. Heat oven to 225 degrees. Spray pan with oil (see note above about the size.) Cover the bottom of the pan with parchment...

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