Anthony Weiner Makes a Comeback on Twitter

By | Nov 09, 2012

Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner has returned to Twitter after a 17-month hiatus from the social media site that helped tank his career.

In his first tweet since Weiner sent a sexually suggestive photo to a young college student and then unsuccessfully tried to cover it up, Weiner—once considered a rising star in the Democratic party—posted a video of Hurricane Sandy’s damage.

His post, which was retweeted 180 times, was welcomed by many of the former Congressman’s 70,000 followers, many of whom responded with “welcome back.”

Weiner has largely kept out of the spotlight since the June 2011 incident, after which he resigned from Congress following intense political pressure.

Click here to read Moment Magazine’s profile of Weiner, which came out just weeks before the Weinergate scandal.



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