AIPAC Gets the Rap Genius Treatment

By | Apr 19, 2013

Rap Genius, a website that decodes lyrics from rap songs with nearly Talmudic levels of analysis, has for some time now been the place to go if you want to understand that confusing verse from a Nas song, or the Jay-Z reference you don’t quite get. (The “rap patrol” are the police officers “unofficially assigned to urban music industry figures,” natch.) Now, apparently, Rap Genius is also the place to go for decoded phone calls involving high-ranking AIPAC officials. A new post analyzes a taped 1992 conversation between David Steiner, then-president of AIPAC, and Harry/Haim Katz, the release of which led to Steiner’s resignation. Among the annotations, Rap Genius notes that “While it’s true that AIPAC does not officially ‘rate or endorse candidates’, they do send out yearly ‘voting summaries’ that have a tremendous amount of sway in Washington.” J Street, you’ve been put on notice.

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