Abby Schachter: Wanting More College Involvement in Society

"I work on a college campus, so I am very concerned about the role that the campus or institutions of higher education are supposed to play in our society and how much they're failing at that mission"
By | Apr 16, 2024
JPVP 2024
Abby Schacter

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Age: 53
Occupation: Academic program manager at local university

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Party Registration: Republican
Jewish Denomination: Orthodox
2020 Vote: Donald Trump
Current 2024 Vote: Will support Republican nominee, presumably Trump
Family: Married, four children
News Sources: The Wall Street Journal, i24 News, Real Clear Politics, The New York Times, Tablet, Mosaic, Commentary Blog, Jewish Insider, The Free Press, Jewish News Service

What kind of overall impact has the October 7 attack had on you politically? 

It has only hardened my position that the Democratic Party has to be prevented from moving into UK Labor Party territory. As a registered Republican, I take great pride in the fact that I don’t have to hold my nose and vote for people on Israel. And the Democratic Party used to be that way as well, but it is not anymore. So it’s been, I would say, a wakeup call just in terms of the degree to which I think that Jews need to make different coalitions, both socially and politically, than we currently have.

Do you feel the 2024 presidential election will proceed smoothly, or do you fear controversy over the result?

We had voter ID in our state for about five minutes, and Democrats killed it. I’m not quite sure what the objection is. You have to show photo ID to buy a six-pack of beer, and you have to show ID to get on a plane, but showing your photo ID and proving that you are the person you say you are when it comes to casting a ballot is somehow suppression? All anyone was talking about was voter suppression. So do I feel confident? I think complicating elections is a problem. You should simplify.

What issue or issues are the most important to you?

Well, I work on a college campus, so I am very concerned about the role that the campus or institutions of higher education are supposed to play in our society and how much they’re failing at that mission.

I stand with Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi, the Chabad rabbi of Harvard. He is absolutely correct that the problem of antisemitism at Harvard is long and deep-seated, and the resignation of Claudine Gay is not a signal of the problem having been solved by any means.

What do you make of Trump’s claim that Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine and Hamas would not have attacked Israel had he been president?

Well, he was a much stronger supporter of Israel than President Biden. He assassinated Qasem Soleimani, which was the only reason that Iran was put on its heels over the period. And the fact is, Putin didn’t invade Ukraine when Trump was president. So why isn’t it reasonable to think that he wouldn’t have? Putin invaded when Biden was president, so we are justified in blaming him. The Biden administration has a lot to answer for in its attempts to cozy up to Iran. And that alone is disqualifying. The president has the most influence on foreign policy, and this is a foreign policy election. On that basis alone, President Biden does not deserve reelection.

If you could snap your fingers and pick a president today, who would it be?

I always liked Mike Pompeo. He was CIA director and secretary of state. He had it under control. He was always a strong leader. He wasn’t scared of making bold moves.

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  1. Judith S Simon-Pollack says:

    Why do you give people like Schachter a platform? Do the editors not realize the seriousness of this next election??????????????????????

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