Orthodox Jewish mob

Mob in Jerusalem Attacks Two Palestinians

Not long after Tuesday's bulldozer attack, an Orthodox Jewish mob went after two Palestinians after a store dispute in Jerusalem, according to Ynet and The Jerusalem Post. Click "more" to read excerpts from these stories. Ynet has this first-person perspective from the man who shielded the Palestinians, who is not named: "Two ultra-Orthodox guys from the yeshiva's balcony yelled: 'Murder the Jews who protect Arabs,'" the man said. "The two Arabs told us that they had a dispute with the Orthodox owner of a nearby store. After they argued, the masses arrived and started beating them up. We waited a few minutes for things to relax, and then my son and I took them out to a nearby alley, so they can go home." However, a mob then again came out of the yeshiva and started chasing...

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