Gaza Violence

What the Gaza Violence Has Taught Us so Far

It’s not about progressive circles questioning America’s unconditional support for Israel, nor is it about the far-left margins of the party that reject the mere idea of supporting Israel. It is about centrist Democrats willing to break rank and express views that—while still supportive of Israel—doubt Israel’s goals and question the tactics in the ongoing Gaza conflict.

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Ilene Prusher is an award-winning journalist

The Belly of the Beast with Ilene Prusher

Ilene Prusher is an award-winning journalist and novelist who covered Israel from the ground for 15 years for The Christian Science Monitor, Time, Haaretz, Moment and other publications. She returned to the states with her Israeli husband and two children in 2015 and now teaches journalism at Florida Atlantic University. During her time covering the Middle East, Prusher says she went to “practically every inch” of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. As the violence in Gaza and Israel continues into a second week, Moment speaks to her about the social risks of empathy in a time of war, the dangers of a framework of “moral equivalence,” and the pain of seeing this cycle of violence continue. When we interviewed you during the 2014 incursion into Gaza, we asked how your kids were holding up. And...

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The Onion Is On Their Game

By Benjamin Schuman-Stoler The Onion, that satirical publication out to make fun of any and every thing they can find, has a scandalous but insightful approach to Israel's recent controversial operation in Gaza. Their "Point, Counterpoint" section has these headlines: Point: "The Israeli Conflict Is Far Too Nuanced And Complex To Sum Up In One Op-Ed" Counterpoint: "Not If You Hate Jews!" Through humor, the Onion expresses an emerging reality after the War in Gaza: despite its popularity within Israel, its disproportionate number of Palestinian deaths aroused considerable media attention, followed by a swath of anti-Israel rhetoric from advocates of the Gazans' cause. Yet much of that anti-Israel rhetoric has escalated into outright anti-Semitism, and the Anti-Defamation League has released a number of reports documenting the increasingly worrying anti-Semitic acts occurring around the world under the guise of anti-Zionist,...

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