DC Riots

Moment’s Coverage of the January 6 DC Riots

Senator Richard Blumenthal Reflects on His Flight from the Capitol During the DC Riots When rioters inspired by President Donald Trump broke through police lines and invaded the U.S. Capitol, few members of Congress felt the sense of violation more acutely than Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. Blumenthal’s father, Martin, fled Nazi Germany in 1935—a time when the architecture of the Holocaust was in its embryonic stages. Mobs of Nazi Brown-Shirts roamed the streets of the elder Blumenthal’s native Frankfurt. Like so many other refugees of all nationalities and religions, he was drawn to America as a beacon of liberty and tolerance.   -- Dan Freedman After Riots at U.S. Capitol, One Photographer Describes What He Saw Virginia-based freelance photographer Lloyd Wolf was on the plaza outside the main entrance of the United States Capitol on Wednesday afternoon January 6...

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