Beshert | Bonded by the Bard

“Was that your friend Bill Shakespeare?” my youngest son, Alex, then six, asks after my husband, Steve, hangs up the phone. 

If that seems like a crazy question from a child, it was par for the course in my household, because it was words that wooed me, words that won me, and words that keep us – the entire family – in thrall. 

From the very beginning, in fact. 

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Beshert | Really Glad We Didn’t Skip That Party

That we met on February 22, my Grandma Clara’s birthday, my parents’ wedding day and my Bar Mitzvah day on my mom’s and dad’s 22nd anniversary, must be pure coincidence, right? We chose our wedding day, June 10th, randomly; it turned out to be my grandparents’ wedding day nearly 70 years earlier. Another coincidence… unless one accepts that beshert operates in strange and mysterious ways. 

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Beshert | The Eight Months Of (Well, After) Hanukkah

I met Laurie at a Hanukkah party in Fort Collins, Colorado, a small town that had almost no other single Jews my age. Our mutual friend hosting the party later confessed that she’d set us up but didn’t tell us; at the time, we were clueless. Our first conversation led to our first date—on snowshoes! We got engaged eight months later. Laurie suggested the hike on snowshoes. It was the first time for both of us, which in hindsight made it a perfect first date because we were both trying something new on multiple levels and stumbling around (snowshoeing is harder than it looks), making it easier to bypass any pressure to maintain facades. We had both been through a lot: cross-country moves, stressful job situations, failed previous relationships, and the struggle to reconcile childhood challenges.  But...

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Beshert | Open Book Finds Editor

The truth is, we are an odd couple, Gidon and I. He is from the Czech Republic, I am from California, I like cats, him not so much, I like Asian-fusion food, he loves potatoes and gravy, he likes romantic books, I mostly read nonfiction, he’s into football, I never got sports, I am 55 and he is 84. But we have a lot in common, too, like our mutual love of camping, bingeing on Netflix, making soups in the winter, swimming together in the summer, reading books quietly in the evening and playing “rotten egg” at bedtime. We also like to sing duets together and our repertoire includes everything from “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” to a rousing rendition of “Shalom Aleichem.”  We met in a café in Israel in 2017, to discuss a...

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