What We’re Reading: Sala Levin

Each week, we'll share what Moment editors are reading and watching, from news to novels. First up is Moment staffer Sala Levin, who wrote about the origins of the word "haredi" in the last issue and runs the magazine's annual fiction contest.  So, Sala, what's on your bookshelf/desktop? All Our Names: This recent novel by Ethiopian-American writer Dinaw Mengestu traces the journey of a young man called Isaac--first in Uganda, where he falls in a platonic sort of love with another Isaac, who stokes his interest in revolutionary politics, and then in the American Midwest, where he falls in a decidedly non-platonic sort of love with Helen, the social worker who's been assigned to help him adjust to American life. The Winter of Weird Al, by Steven Hyden on Grantland: The premise of this article may have been proven...

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