Radovan Karadvic

This Week’s Links

As Jews, we have a responsibility to deny any future genocide. That's why many Jewish groups applauded the arrest of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadvic. Now it's up to the Hague to fulfill the justice due. Frum Satire wonders what is more Jewish: the bagel or the deli? Two Jewish women are in the running for Miss England 2008. Jewcy has a piece on Jewish mothers and how Sacha Baron Cohen is making his eema crazy. (Via The Jewish Journal) JTA has news about Australian Orthodox Rabbis against gay marriage; a foundation to get Israeli artists to America; and Israel's new tourist helpline. For your next trip to Israel: The Jewish National Fund started a bicycle path connecting Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv. The downhill ride shouldn't take more than five hours! And it looks like...

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