Paul Reiser Headshot

A Moment with Comedian Paul Reiser on His NYC Return

Comedian Paul Reiser, best known for the hit 1990s TV sitcom Mad About You, is returning to the New York City stage to perform a stand-up routine for the first time in more than two decades. The event, which will take place at the Kaufman Music Center, is to raise funds for the nonprofit JazzReach. Reiser speaks to Moment Senior Editor Marilyn Cooper about his return to performing live comedy. Can you tell me about your interest in music and how tonight’s event relates to that? Tonight’s event is for JazzReach, a New York nonprofit—they bring live jazz music to young people. Kids who have never heard live music before in their lives will have musicians brought to their classrooms. I love music, but it isn’t what I’ve ended up doing. I’m doing stand-up tonight. They're really different...

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