after trump

Trump in Perspective

That which was is that which will be, and that which is                                           done is that which will be done, there is nothing new                                                                           under the sun.  —Ecclesiastes: 1:9 If you are already fed up reading about Donald J. Trump, just wait. Books will be written about Trump for decades to come, exploring why the American people elected him and how America can prevent similar mishaps in the future.  The January 6 Trump-inspired attack on the Capitol was a national...

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recent Israeli election

Winners and Losers in the Most Recent Israeli Election

More than a week after the most recent Israeli election, Israelis are still trying to find a way to make sense of what happened—and, no less important, what didn't happen. Based on the results, it is reasonable to assume that incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not be reasonable and will not concede that he cannot form a majority. He will probably drag Israel into another election, the fifth in five years, likely to be held in the summer or early fall. According to Israeli law, a new Knesset will be sworn in, and the current government will continue as an interim government until a new one is formed—or not—after the next round. However, before these elections recede into the previous ones’ not-so-distant memories, it is worth examining who the winners and the losers are and what...

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Israeli Elections 2013

Moment Contributors Weigh In on Israeli Election

Following Israeli election returns is not for the faint of heart. With four elections (so far) in less than two years, more than a dozen political parties and endless possible coalitions and permutations, the most an American observer can do is scan for trends. On Wednesday, the national elections committee will present the results of the vote to President Reuven Rivlin, who will consult with party leaders before deciding which will have the first chance to form a government; aside from that, pretty much everything is up in the air. We asked some of our regular opinion contributors on Israeli politics: What do you see that’s new in the results of this latest election? What has changed? Gershom Gorenberg There's one thing that's old, and one thing that's new, and the old thing is essential. The old thing...

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Jerusalem: A City Divided by Sound

It's just before 8 a.m. on a Shabbat morning in Jerusalem. At this early hour, the dry summer heat hasn't settled down on the city yet, and the air is still fresh with the scent of jasmine. The Jerusalem stones are still soft-looking. I'm sitting in my garden, enjoying the calm, beginning to read the paper, drinking a cup of coffee. There's never much traffic on my street in a leafy neighborhood in the southern part of the city, and almost none on a Saturday morning. And then a sharp crack sound. And another, and another until the din is ominously loud. The neighborhood suddenly wakes up. "Where is that noise coming from?" asks a middle-aged woman, plodding into the street in her fuzzy Lion King slippers and tying the belt of her silk bathrobe tighter. "Is that...

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Is Singling Out Jewish Campaign Donors Anti-Semitic?

There’s a foolproof way of knowing election season is here—just wait for someone to make a Jewish money reference. The tighter the race, the more likely you are to hear something along the lines of “outside donors” or “Wall Street money,” or just the casual listing of top donors, all of whom happen to be Jewish.

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