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Aaron Rahimi, the founder of MeetJew University Dating, is a 24-year-old political science student at San Diego State University. As the grandchild of an Auschwitz survivor, he was brought up with traditional Jewish values, but says he was by no means “religious.” When Rahimi attended a Birthright trip to Israel at 19, however, he began to be involved with all things Israel on campus and started to attend Chabad regularly.   When the pandemic began, Rahimi was facing a number of unrelated health concerns, discovering that he had three herniated discs in his spine. While undergoing physical therapy, he had the idea to start a Facebook group for university students with the goal of fostering romantic connections online with people who may have not had the opportunity to meet otherwise.  On March 17, 2019, just after the coronavirus...

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Beshert | Meant to Be?

For the first hour or so, it seemed like he was putting on airs, so I didn’t feel particularly interested. But at some point, he suddenly dropped the act. In retrospect, he remembers feeling that he was too tired to keep it going. He told me his mother’s memorial service was the next day, and he showed me the eulogy he had written. It was not a normal date. And I’ve never gotten to know someone so quickly. I don’t remember how I felt or how I reacted to the news of his mother’s death, but Tom remembers I took his hand.

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