Max Mosley Nazi orgy image

F1 Chief Wins Suit Over Nazi Orgy

Perhaps you heard the vulgar story News of the World published a while back about Formula One chief Max Mosley—the son of British fascist Oswald Mosley, who was a friend of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s—and a nefarious orgy in which the participants purportedly play acted as Nazis. Mosley sued the tabloid, and came out on top. At least one writer fears that the case represents a blow to all investigative journalism. NPR says: Mosley told the court he had an interest in sadomasochism going back 45 years, but said he found the idea of Nazi sex fantasies abhorrent. He said he and the women acted out a German prison scenario, with no Nazi overtones. It certainly was a grotesque image, for everybody, and even though Mosley's successful suit against the British tabloid was quite pricey for the media...

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