Pan-fried Buttermilk  Dandelion Blossom Fritters

Dandelions & Manna : Reflections on Jewish Foraging Before & After Sinai

We have counted “ba-Omer,” 49 days, the Week of Weeks between Passover and Shavuot, and now, even in quarantine, we find ourselves smack in the middle of another cause for liberation. As we learn in Exodus, liberation in ancient Egypt gave way to uncertainty as the Jews left the land of Egypt that they had known and their store of wheat dwindled to nothing. Their journey was rife with reluctance and ignorance as they became foragers for both food and identity. Now is a time of profound hunger and also of great promises, whether of Torah or of democracy. We are guided by what we know, and often (especially in quarantine) overwhelmed by what we cannot know. We are wanderers again and foragers. So comes the inspiration for today’s recipe, honoring the foraging of today and...

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