George Floyd

Twitter Explained | Did We Just Get Justice for George Floyd?

Tens of thousands of Twitter users tuned in last week to hear the jury’s verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial for the murder of George Floyd. Streamed live on news accounts such as MSNBC, ABC and CBSnews, the trial that had captured the country's attention for weeks finally came to a close.  America is no stranger to public trials. Lizzie Borden, Leopoldo and Loeb, Rodney King’s attackers, OJ, Casey Anthony and others had widely publicized trials with highly anticipated verdicts. Chauvin’s trial, however, was the first to be live-streamed, a decision made by the judge to make up for COVID-19 restrictions closing the gallery.  Responses to the verdict—guilty on all charges—varied, ranging from relief and celebration to doubt and skepticism, and Twitter trends reflected this wide scope of reactions. In fact, mere moments after the judge read the verdict,...

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Left-Wing Anti-Semites Blame Israel and the Jews for George Floyd’s Death

Anti-Semitism Monitor June Findings Throughout the first half of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic provided fodder for anti-Semites worldwide. In June the brutal killing of George Floyd delivered new opportunities for anti-Semites of diverse ideologies to drive home their belief that Jews are the source of mankind's woes. How did the heartbreaking death of George Floyd implicate Jews? For some on the left this was an opportunity to hold Israel responsible for the hate of minorities and deadly tactics that have killed African Americans in Minneapolis and other American cities. This vilification of Israel has not been accompanied with any evidence to back up the charges. With just a bit of fact-checking, it quickly becomes apparent that these accusations are reckless and irresponsible. Roger Waters, cofounder of the British Rock group Pink Floyd and the poster boy for extreme...

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Has the Time for Spiritual Protests Passed?

The tragic death of George Floyd struck a chord with many Americans because it, yet again, placed the reality of racially motivated police brutality so squarely in our sights. The video of Mr. Floyd taking his last breaths disturbed and appalled me because I, like so many black men in America, could see myself in a similar scenario: detained, actively not resisting, and still being treated as a criminal. These stirring images moved me in a way I had not expected. As a political conservative, I tend not to participate in social protests, which, more often than not, are spearheaded by liberal activists. However, understanding the gravity of this past month's events, I felt it was wrong to not join the protests that were taking place near me.   The diverse crowd of protesters, earlier this month,...

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Sandra Lawson (NC): ‘If It Stops Being on the News, People Will Stop Caring’

Rabbi Sandra Lawson serves as Jewish educator and associate chaplain for Jewish life at Elon University near Burlington, North Carolina. Since September, Lawson has been a participant in our Jewish Political Voices Project, where Moment is exploring the views of American Jewish voters in the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election. Moment contributor Dan Freedman spoke with Lawson about the recent events surrounding the murder of George Floyd and the protests that followed. 

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The Complex Relationship Between AIPAC and Black Americans

AIPAC is a political organization, and as such, it has been engaging with black voters, activists and lawmakers for years on a political level. The lobby has been actively seeking these engagements, reaching out to African-Americans in all stages of their political careers, from college student body presidents to state and federal lawmakers, and by featuring prominent figures in the community, such as Bakari Sellers, as key voices within AIPAC.

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Where Do Race Relations Fit Into the Jewish Political Agenda?

Jewish Americans have always been reliable allies in civil rights battles and have consistently led advocacy and legislation aimed at helping minority communities and denouncing injustice and inequality. It’s no surprise that the community is once again standing up for African Americans in their struggle for justice and for reforming the way police forces deal with black Americans.

Where can the Jewish community play a part this time around?

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