What’s Next for Israel & Gaza with Middle East Analyst Aaron David Miller and Moment’s Nathan Guttman

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is in place, but tensions remain high. What made this outbreak of war different? Will the violence and unrest impact the Abraham Accords—and the region? What can be done, if anything, to end the cycle of violence? Middle East analyst and negotiator Aaron David Miller is interviewed by journalist Nathan Guttman.

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Ilene Prusher is an award-winning journalist

The Belly of the Beast with Ilene Prusher

Ilene Prusher is an award-winning journalist and novelist who covered Israel from the ground for 15 years for The Christian Science Monitor, Time, Haaretz, Moment and other publications. She returned to the states with her Israeli husband and two children in 2015 and now teaches journalism at Florida Atlantic University. During her time covering the Middle East, Prusher says she went to “practically every inch” of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. As the violence in Gaza and Israel continues into a second week, Moment speaks to her about the social risks of empathy in a time of war, the dangers of a framework of “moral equivalence,” and the pain of seeing this cycle of violence continue. When we interviewed you during the 2014 incursion into Gaza, we asked how your kids were holding up. And...

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Gaza Fears Impending Coronavirus Outbreak

The possibility of a full outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the Gaza Strip is both likely and terrifying. More than two million people, over half of them children, live in the 139-square-mile area, one of the world’s most highly-populated regions. Unemployment stands at 52 percent and half of the population lives in poverty. Much of the housing and 97 percent of Gaza’s water is unfit for human consumption, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Footnotes in Gaza by Joe Sacco

A Brief Literary Guide to the History of Gaza

There's more to the long-suffering region than meets the eye. From visual journalism to history to cookbooks, here are four books to deepen your understanding of the Gaza Strip. 1. Footnotes in Gaza by Joe Sacco In a tour de force of visual journalism, cartoonist and reporter Joe Sacco transports readers to the Rafah, a town at the bottom tip of the Gaza Strip and the site of a bloody massacre in 1956. Considered a footnote to the region's bloody history, Sacco unravels the echoes of that moment all the way to the conflict today.     2. The Gaza Strip: Its History and Politics by Nathan Shachar A well-balanced journalist's account relying on research, on-the-ground reporting and sometimes street gossip. From Egyptian pharaohs to today's conflict, a readable guide to the people and politics that shaped the region.     3. The Gaza Kitchen by Laila El-Haddad and Maggie Schmitt In 2010, the authors traveled the length of...

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