Opinion // Israel Fixes Everything and Resolves Nothing

Netanyahu and Israel are stuck in the status quo as the Palestinians go in another direction. by Nahum Barnea We’re living in a period of dramatic change, but that doesn’t mean there will be changes in Israel’s politics, particularly the politics of the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. One big change is the Palestinian mindset. At some point, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority president, decided that because of the policies of the Netanyahu government and the limits and constraints of Barack Obama’s administration, the Palestinians have no chance of getting the agreement they want by diplomatic means. I believe the Palestinians came to this conclusion a long time ago, even before John Kerry's initiative, but they agreed to participate because they were afraid of the Obama administration’s reaction if they said no. But they correctly didn’t believe an...

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Inside the Germany/Israel Relationship

In the wake of the Holocaust, Konrad Adenauer and David Ben-Gurion forged an unlikely partnership. More than 60 years later, Germany continues to be one of Israel’s staunchest defenders and most dependable allies. But can the relationship withstand the rising tide of anti-Israel sentiment in Europe and the fading memories of a new generation?

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Eetta Prince-Gibson: Israel’s No-Win African Refugee Situation

In late May, protestors rioted against the tens of thousands of African migrant workers and asylum seekers living in south Tel Aviv. They attacked passersby, smashed cars and vandalized shops. Within two weeks, the government began a brutal campaign to deport refugees from South Sudan. Interior Minister Eli Yishai, orchestrating the expulsion, was widely quoted to have declared that Israel “belongs to the white man.” Soon, he promised, he will expel all the Africans in order to ensure “the Jewish character of the Jewish state.” With tiresome predictability, liberal pundits have taken up the usual refrain in response to such rhetoric, arguing that we, the people who experienced the Holocaust, should behave more morally, should remember what it means to be a refugee, should know where racism leads. The Internet is humming with references to pogroms, Kristallnacht...

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