How to Stay Safe in America During a Time of Increased Antisemitism with David Delew, Eva Fogelman Richard Priem, in conversation with Ira Forman

The hostage situation at a Texas synagogue, the latest reminder of rising antisemitism in the United States, has sparked fears that other American Jewish communities could become the target of this virulent hate, which Jews in Europe have experienced for decades. Moment Institute Senior Fellow Ira Forman and former U.S. State Department’s Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism is joined in conversation with David Delew, former CEO of the Community Security Trust in the UK, about the ways Europe keeps its Jewish communities safe. Richard Priem, COO and Deputy National Director of Community Security Services in the U.S. discusses what the American Jewish community has learned from Europe, how and why the situation is different, and what steps are being taken to help Jewish institutions and people around the country stay safe. Noted psychologist and PTSD expert Dr. Eva Fogelman talks about the psychological impact of rising antisemitism and how to help Jews feel safe in America.

This program is part of a Moment series on antisemitism supported by the Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation.

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Dispatch from Colleyville: Making Sense of the Synagogue Attack

Colleyville has attained the type of fame it had never wished for. Now etched in American Jewish collective memory alongside Pittsburgh, PA and Poway, CA, the town has become yet another reminder of the dangers still facing Jews in America, and of the fact that these dangers are on the rise.

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Pastels and Pedophiles: Inside the Mind of QAnon

QAnon’s Antisemitic Roots with Mia Bloom, Sophia Moskalenko and Sarah Posner

In their new book Pastels and Pedophiles, cybersecurity expert Dr. Mia Bloom and Dr. Sophia Moskalenko, a psychologist specializing in radicalization, show how much the recent QAnon movement owes to antisemitic tropes and, most notably, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Bloom and Moskalenko are in conversation with journalist Sarah Posner, author of UNHOLY: Why White Evangelicals Worship at the Altar of Donald Trump.

This program is part of Moment’s Antisemitism series supported by the Joyce and Irving Goldman Foundation.

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