Robert Siegel

Robert Siegel on U.S. Capitol Riots: ‘It’s Like Nothing I’ve Seen Before’

Robert Siegel, former host of NPR’s All Things Considered and Moment’s special literary contributor shares his thoughts about the mob events at the U.S. Capitol and how these past few years remind him of the turmoil of 1968. He also reflects on the history of American rebellions and the challenges that lie ahead for the Biden administration. Siegel is in conversation with Moment’s opinion and book editor Amy E. Schwartz.

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Jewish Political Voices Project – Swing States and the Jewish Vote

At a time when polls dominate, project founder Nadine Epstein and director Suzanne Borden review preliminary findings from Moment’s unique Jewish Political Voices Project, which has been following real people in real time in 10 swing states. We will also hear directly from participants including former Congresswoman Shelley Berkley from Nevada, Rabbi Dan Levin from Florida, Mark Goldhaber from North Carolina and Ruth Kantrowitz from Wisconsin. Also joining us is Chicago Sun Times Washington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet.

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Born This Way

By Steven Philp According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the University College London, people may hold certain political views simply because they were born that way. The survey of politicians and students found that there are marked structural differences in the brains of people with different political viewpoints. These differences were focused in two primary areas; participants with conservative political views generally have a larger amygdala, which regulates fear and related emotions, and a smaller anterior cingulate, which is associated with courage and optimism. In a Time Magazine article, lead researcher Professor Geraint Rees explains that the results were unexpected: “It is very surprising because it does suggest there is something about political attitude that is encoded in our brain structure through our experience or that there is something in our brain structure that...

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