What to Watch: The Passengers

The Abandoned Jews of Ethiopia

Jews have lived in Ethiopia for centuries, but over the past decades, the majority have emigrated to Israel, most in the well-known airlifts of Operations Moses (1984) and Solomon (1991). Now some 140,000 are citizens. Those left behind in Addis Ababa and Gondar languish in dire conditions, vividly illustrated in the beautifully shot film. 

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Archives | The Yemenites: A Photo Essay

On September 24, 1950, Israel concluded Operation Magic Carpet, transporting over 45,000 Yemenite Jews to the Jewish state. To commemorate this historic mission, Moment has republished Zion Ozeri's 1982 photo essay "The Yemenites." Take a look for a deeper understanding of Jewish life in Yemen before the mass Aliyah to Israel. Read the full article at the link below: The Yemenites: A Photo Essay

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Charlie Hebdo Je Suis Charlie

Rising Anti-Semitism and the Charlie Hebdo Massacre  

For the French-Jewish community, last week's attacks were a confirmation of their worst fears. After a year of rising anti-Jewish violence—attacks on Jewish families, synagogue firebombings, anti-Semitic marches—Jews are now fleeing Paris in record numbers, according to news reports. French authorities have acknowledged the severity of the situation, deploying thousands of police officers to protect Jewish schools and other “sensitive sites.” But is anti-Semitism really the main problem? We asked Michel Gurfinkiel, founder and president of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute, a conservative think tank, and a Shillman/Ginsburg Fellow at Middle East Forum.—Rachel E. Gross When it comes to last week's attacks, how much are people in France focusing on the role of anti-Semitism? The events of last week were of gigantic proportion, politically. But what was important was not that it was an anti-Jewish massacre, but that it was a massacre at the...

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