RBG’s Brave and Brilliant Women: 33 Jewish Women to Inspire Everyone

by Nadine Epstein, introduction and selection by Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Select one woman from the book and tell us why this woman inspires you.

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9th-12th grade students.

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Suzanne Borden, Director of Special Projects


Select one woman from the book and tell us why this woman inspires you.

RUTH BADER GINSBURG – Role Model to a Nation

Biblical Times

MIRIAM – Courageous Sister Who Saved Her Brother–and Her People

YOCHEVED – Defiant Mother Who Saved Her Son–and Her People

BATYA – Daughter of Pharaoh and Devoted Convert Who Rescued a Hebrew Baby

SHIFRA and PUAH – Midwives Who Outwitted the Egyptian Ruler

DEBORAH – Respected Judge, Leader, Warrior –and Prophet

Ancient Israel

SALOME ALEXANDRA – Queen of the Jews and Wise Leader

Sixteenth Century

GRACIA MENDES NASI – Visionary Shipping Magnet Who Helped Jews Find Safe Places to Live

Seventeenth Century

GLUCKEL OF HAMELN – Savvy Businesswoman Who Wrote Her Own Story

Eighteenth Century

REBECCA GRATZ – Founder and Organizer of America’s First Social Services Organizations

Nineteenth Century

ERNESTINE ROSE – Trailblazing Feminist and Fighter for the Abolition of Slavery

FANNY MENDELSSOHN – Talented Pianist and Composer Overshadowed by the Success of Her Famous Brother

EMMA LAZARUS – Poet Moved by the Plight of Immigrants Whose Words Continue to Inspire America

LILLIAN D. WALD – Champion of Community Healthcare for the Poor

EMMY NOETHER – Pioneering Mathematical Genius Who Developed the Field of Abstract Algebra

ROSE SCHNEIDERMAN – Relentless Advocate on Behalf of Poor Working Women

SARAH SCHENIRER – Self-Taught Teacher Who Created a Movement to Educate Orthodox Women

HENRIETTA SZOLD – Scholar and Activist Who Laid the Foundation for and Transformed Healthcare in Israel

FLORENCE PRAG KAHN – First Jewish Congresswoman in the United States

GOLDA MEIR – First and Only Female Prime Minister of Israel

GERTRUDE BERG – Radio and Television Star Who Built a Media Empire

Twentieth Century

REGINA JONAS – First Ordained Female Rabbi in Jewish History

RITA LEVI-MONTALCINI – Neurobiologist Who Won the Nobel Prize in Medicine

BESSIE MARGOLIN – Pioneering Lawyer for Equal Rights and Equal Pay for Women

BELLA ABZUG – Lawyer and Congresswoman with a Bold Voice for Women’s Rights

ROSALIND FRANKLIN – Ingenious Biophysicist Who Discovered the Structure of DNA

BETTY FRIEDAN – Author and Organizer Who Led the Fight for “Women’s Liberation”

NADINE GORDIMER – Nobel Prize-Winning Writer and Activist for Human Rights in South Africa

MURIEL FAYE (“MICKIE”) SIEBERT – Wall Street Maverick and First Woman on the New York Stock Exchange

ANNE FRANK – Young Writer Who Kept an Inspirational Diary While Hiding from the Nazis

ROBERTA PETERS – American Soprano Who Achieved Fame as a Singing Star and Popularized Opera in the United States

JUDITH RESNIK – Astronaut and First Jewish Woman to Travel to Space