Post-Racial Rabbis

18:19 11 January
One of the first things that six-year-old Alysa Stanton noticed when her family moved into a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, was a rectangular ornament affixed to the doorpost of her new home. Her uncle Edward, a “devout Catholic who went to shul

What Makes Someone a “Real” Rabbi?

15:12 15 November
In our November/December issue, we ask our rabbis what makes someone a “real” rabbi. Here’s what Rabbi Gershon Winkler of the Walking Stick Foundation in California had to say: “It is the community more than anything else that makes someone a rabbi. If the community

Jewish Word | The Rabbinic Way of Fiction

21:18 31 March
By Sala Levin You may know the story: Abraham, in an effort to convince his father, Terach, that idol worship is wrong, takes a hammer and smashes the idols that his father sells. He leaves the hammer in the hand of the largest idol and

That Great Big Jewish Alaska

03:30 05 January
The 49th state was built by Jewish people, Jewish money and Jewish know-how. And although their numbers are small, Jews are still disproportionately prominent in commercial and public life. In 1938, as the Nazis laid plans to annihilate European Jewry, a few desperate Jews dreamed

Rabbis Let Loose

11:07 30 June
by Gabi P. Remz They packed into the auditorium, excited for a good show. There were promises of top-notch dancing performances by celebrities they had seen on TV. This would be a good show, all right, and would be well worth the $60 ticket, especially

The Jewish View on DADT? Don't Ask!

14:53 22 December
By Steven Philp Today, President Obama fulfilled a campaign promise when he signed the bill repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” (DADT) the 17-year-old policy barring LGBT citizens from coming out while serving in the armed forces. A handful of Jewish groups have supported the effort

A Statement from Rabbi Friedman

09:45 03 June
**The following is an updated statement as of June 5. I would like to clarify the answer published in my name in last month’s issue of Moment Magazine. First of all, the opinions published in my name are solely my own, and do not represent

Rabbis For McCain, Sort Of

11:51 12 September
Yesterday we wrote about Rabbis for Obama. Today, according to a Forward article, we should focus on Rabbis for McCain. Well, sort of. Says the Forward: A group of leading ultra-Orthodox rabbis in Israel is preparing to release a statement that urges the country’s American

Rabbis for Obama

12:49 11 September
Over 300 American rabbis publicly announced their support for Barack Obama yesterday with the launch of a “Rabbis for Obama” website. The movement was founded by Rabbis Sam Gordon and Steve Bob of Illinois in response to what they call the “smear campaign against Obama”