When 400 Rabbis Marched on Washington

16:46 06 October
The sight of 400 Orthodox rabbis marching up Pennsylvania Avenue in their black hats and beards blowing in the wind must have been astonishing to residents of wartime Washington. Also unusual was the date: October 6, 1943, two days before Yom Kippur.
Rabbi Bentzion Butman, Right

Letter From Cambodia: Rabbi Bentzion Butman’s quest to leave no Jew behind

12:14 04 June
Two weekends ago, I traveled 40 minutes northwest of Phnom Penh by tuk-tuk, the ubiquitous three-wheeled form of transport in Southeast Asia. I was going to see something strange: Cambodia’s first Jewish cemetery, which was inaugurated in April. The cemetery is the brainchild of Rabbi Bentzion Butman, who has run the Chabad Jewish Centre of Cambodia for the past five years.