Moment's Special Israel Series

Israel’s Arab Citizens

This project involved five major reports over three years. The first traced the evolution of one family’s identity from Arab to Palestinian-Israeli. The second examined the separate and unequal education of Israel’s Arab children. The third delved into the economic disparities between Israel’s Arabs and Jews. The fourth focused on politics. The fifth installment explores the stark difference in news coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Hebrew and Arabic media.

From Arab to Palestinian Israeli by Dina Kraft

In the first of a Moment series on Israel’s Arab citizens, we meet three generations of one family. Unlike her grandmother and mother, Shams Kalboni, 35, is a political activist. Still, she has no intention of leaving the country she considers home.

Separate But Not Equal by Dina Kraft

In the second of Moment‘s series on Arab citizens of Israel, we explore the country’s low-performing segregated Arab schools. After decades of neglect, the Israeli government is taking steps to address inequities. But who should control the schools and write their curricula? The outcome could have a major impact on Israel’s future.

The Arab Glass Ceiling by David B. Green

The overtrained and underemployed among Israel’s Arabs long for a good job—and equal opportunities. After decades of economic inequality, Israelis—Jewish and Arab—are working together to crack the glass.

A Case of Arab Democracy by David B. Green

The pursuit of equal rights by Israel’s Arabs is challenging the Jewish character of the State of Israel. Moment explores the tensions at the heart of the political relationship between Israel’s Arabs and Jews.

Double Exposure by Yoav Stern

Israel’s Arab citizens consume both Arabic and Hebrew newspapers, radio and television. But when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict, there can be a stark difference in news coverage. Are two media good for one country?

Israel’s Environmental Issues

Launched in 2007, these stories explore the environmental issues facing Israel.

The Legend of a Lost Lake: A Tale of Death and Resurrection by Mitch Ginsburg

How the disastrous draining of Israel’s Hula Valley helped change Zionist attitudes toward the land and gave birth to the country’s environmental movement.

Hiking the Holy Land by Sarah Breger

Israel’s 620-mile Israel National Trail traverses dramatic ecological diversity, natural beauty and world history. Find out why everyone from bar mitzvah boys to novelist David Grossman is hiking the trail and reconnecting with the land.

Meet the Birdman by Sarah Breger

“Yossi Leshem—the world-renowned ornithologist and champion of Israel’s environmental movement—resembles a cross between a linebacker and an academic. Frameless glasses perched precariously on his nose, he speeds through Jerusalem’s narrow streets, simultaneously leaning down to fumble for a pamphlet about owls, answering his cell phone and informing me that it is too cloudy to bird-watch.”

Solar Eclipsed? by Sarah Breger

David Ben-Gurion dreamed of a country powered by the sun. today, Israel’s solar power visionaries are struggling to make his dream come true.

The Dead Sea’s Revenge by Eetta Prince-Gibson

Sinkholes. Habitat destruction. Perilously low water levels. The story of how humans are killing the Dead Sea—and how only international cooperation may save it.

Natural Gas: Israel’s Game Changer by Martin Fletcher

After discovering natural gas offshore, Israel is poised to become an energy exporter. It’s a big deal.