Mindy Weisel Artwork 

Artist Mindy Weisel is generously donating selected pieces of her art to support Moment’s 2022 gala.

These pieces are available for $50,000 sponsorships and above. Some will be sold through our gala auction.

More information about the auction to come soon!

Call Johnna Raskin at 202 363 6422 with questions.

Learn more about Mindy Weisel here.


Mindy Weisel, an internationally renowned artist, author and speaker, was elected into the Smithsonian Archives of American Artists in 2000. Her works are in the permanent collections of the National Museum of American Art, Oxford University and the Israel Museum, among many other public and private collections. Weisel is the author of DAUGHTERS OF ABSENCE: Transforming a Legacy of Loss; and TOUCHING QUIET: Reflections in Solituded. She is also a member of the United States Art in Embassies program. Weisel lived and worked, for over forty years, in Washington, D.C. and now reside in Jerusalem with her husband.

Artist’s Statement

I start each work by writing directly on the paper or canvas I will be working on. I write until words lose their meaning. I write about life, love, loss, longing, and my eternal search for light and beauty. I reach a point where words lose their meaning -and only making marks with paint seem to be real. I clear the way, it seems, inside myself, to where logic, reason and language no longer reign. Layer upon layer of paint, expresses a search. Painting becomes a process in which I, literally, live through the painting emotionally. I have no preconceived concepts; no intellectual armor; no image in mind before I start work. The painting has a life of its own.

“As Remembered”
16 x 13 inches framed

19 x 16 inches framed

“Blue and Grey”
25 x 20 inches framed

“Short Stories”
25 x 2o inches framed

20 x 16 inches framed