Moment’s Election Coverage Needs Your Help

Here at Moment, we are in the midst of planning our 2024 presidential election coverage. During the 2020 election cycle we launched the Jewish Political Voices Project (JPVP) where we followed and reported on 30 Jewish Americans from battleground states across the nation for almost two years. This “small data” project turned out to be incredibly revealing: we had insight into trends around the country long before polls, primaries and elections took place. The project also showed that many Jewish-American voters were far more nuanced in their thinking than party membership might suggest.

Perhaps most importantly, this award-winning project helped strengthen the civil discourse, deepening and adding to the Jewish political conversation and the overall national one in very positive ways. Participants took part in respectful debates with one another and valued how the process helped them better understand the issues and moreover, the nuances they may not have originally perceived. JPVP led both readers and participants to transcend the vitriolic and adversarial politics prevalent today and find common ground through their shared Jewish identity.

We have an ambitious plan for JPVP in this upcoming election season. We plan to include participants from outside the battleground states in order to expand regional awareness. We are also adding a series of listening sessions designed specifically to strengthen understanding and the quality of discourse. But we need your help. In order to launch this project we need to raise $15,000 and we need to do it quickly. Please consider pitching in to get this project off the ground and be part of broadening the civil discourse in the Jewish community.