Israel-Hamas War, Explained

Moment guides you through the intensifying conflict with key background, exclusive interviews and fresh analysis

A bald man with well-groomed stubble looks at the camera. He is wearing a white shirt and blazer and visible from the chest up. Behind him, in black and white, are some pillars. Inset photo: A younger smiling man.

On The Ground | Resident of Nir Oz Kibbutz, Whose Son Remains Missing, Recounts Attack

“There doesn’t seem to be much government interest in our fate right now. And sadly, particularly with this government, I’m not surprised. Their priorities lie elsewhere.

Gaza Timeline: 3300 BCE to the Present

In ancient times, Gaza was a key port city and a hub of religious diversity, with Jews and Christians once living in harmony under Muslim rule.
Las Vegas demonstration for Israel

Supporters of Israel rally in Las Vegas on October 8, 2023.

Americans Rally, Rage and Grieve after Attack on Israel

Amidst solemn vigils, sober criticisms, and emboldened protests, some socialists joined celebrations of Hamas horror.


Interview | The Israel-Hamas War: Updates and Analysis with Aaron David Miller and Robert Siegel

Middle East Analyst Aaron David Miller and Moment contributor Robert Siegel discuss the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.


Jewish Politics & Power

Biden supports Israel

Analysis | Biden Fully Behind Israel as Horrors of Hamas Attack Emerge

Hours after the horrific attacks in Southern Israel, Israelis at all levels of government had already heard directly that the United States had their back.


Opinion | Degrees of Evil in Israel’s Calamity

In southern Israel as in Eastern Europe, jubilant killers went from house to house, making sure no Jew remained alive. The people justifying Hamas’s “war of liberation” are the scum of the earth.


A woman stands in rubble holding a child.

Opinion | After Destroying Hamas, Israel Should Offer Control of Gaza to PA

The PA has barely cooperated with Israel in recent years, but with the prospect of a seaport, an operable airport, and huge financial aid from Saudi Arabia, UAE, the EU, and others, Fatah might well say “yes.”