Defining Moment’s in Israeli History: 1967 – 2023

Six fateful days in 1967 fundamentally altered the map of the middle east and shaped the course of history in the region for decades to come. On the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, Moment reached out to an eclectic group to ask: which event most defined the last half-century of the Israeli experience?

Featuring conversations with: 

Mustafa Barghouti, Avraham Burg,  Yael Dayan,  Matti Friedman, Yossi Klein Halevi,  Daniel C. Kurtzer,  Dov Lipman,  Sherri Mandell,  Eilat Mazar,  Yisrael Medad, Aaron David Miller,  Benny Morris Mark Podwal,  Dorit Rabinyan,  Meir Shalev,  Raja Shehadeh, Ksenia Svetlova,  Ayelet Waldman,  David Broza,  Dror Moreh,  Selma Dabbagh,  Aryeh Halivni,  Donna Robinson Divine  and Susan Silverman.

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