From Arab to Palestinian Israeli

In the first of a Moment series on Israel’s Arab citizens, we meet three generations of one family. Unlike her grandmother and mother, Sham Kalboni, 35, is a political activist. Still, she has no intention of leaving the country she considers home. Read the introduction to Moment’s series on Israel’s Arab Citizens.

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The Man on J Street: The Story of Jeremy Ben-Ami

The new “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobby has created a storm in the Jewish world: Some credit it with opening a much-needed debate on American Middle East policy, and others accuse it of playing into the hands of Israel’s enemies. Moment tells the story of the group’s rise and of its founder, Jeremy Ben-Ami, son of an Irgun member.

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Yossi Leshem

Meet the Birdman

Yossi Leshem—the world-renowned ornithologist and champion of Israel’s environmental movement—resembles a cross between a linebacker and an academic. Frameless glasses perched precariously on his nose, he speeds through Jerusalem’s narrow streets, simultaneously leaning down to fumble for a pamphlet about owls, answering his cell phone and informing me that it is too cloudy to bird-watch.

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