Author: Daphna Berman

A Jewish Player Joins the Yankees

16:24 17 December in Latest

  After Kevin Youkilis accepted a much-publicized one-year $12 million dollar deal to play third base for the New York Yankees last week, the New York Times followed up with a comprehensive piece about Youkilis’ Jewish lineage. Youkilis’ father, Mike, was born in Romania, but settled in Cincinnati...

Lieberman Says Goodbye to the Senate

19:01 13 December in Latest

  Senator Joseph Lieberman gave his farewell speech from the Senate floor yesterday, with a 16-minute goodbye after 24 years of service. Lieberman, an independent representing Connecticut, urged his colleagues to put aside partisan divide to accomplish real change. "It requires reaching across the aisle and finding...

Jewish Superheroes Come to Town

17:36 10 December in Latest

An exhibit on the Jewish origins of American superheroes that explores the influences that drove young Jewish artists to create graphic novels-- which gave the world Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman, among others-- set to open next month The exhibit, ZAP! POW! BAM! The Superhero: The Golden...