Welcome to Moment’s ‘Year of the Woman’

13:03 04 January
Misogyny has deeply shaped me, and nearly stifled me. From growing up in a Jewish world where boys were golden, to pursuing an academic and journalism career rife with outright gender discrimination, to taking over the old boys’ club that was Moment in 2004, I found that men around me too often treated me as if I were a child or their lover.

Is Intermarriage Good for the Jews?

18:02 06 November
The very meaning of intermarriage has shifted with these demographic changes. In earlier periods, intermarriage was generally seen as a rejection of Jewish identity and a form of rebellion against the community. These days, intermarriage doesn’t necessarily spell the end of an active Jewish life or of Jewish lineage.


15:01 28 August
Events Sunday, March 22, 2020: Join Nadine Epstein, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Moment magazine for a multimedia presentation about Nobel Prize laureate Elie Wiesel for her book “Elie Wiesel: Extraordinary Life and Legacy.” Temple Emanuel 1715 Fulton St. E., Grand Rapids, MI For more information

My Lunch With Woody

16:00 01 August
On a bright September day, an unlikely trio met for lunch to discuss art, politics and culture. Having published an unauthorized biography of Woody Allen last year, I couldn’t wait to have lunch with him for the first time.

Moment Magazine Guides

18:30 09 June
Moment Magazine Guides Informative guides created in collaboration with our sponsors   Moment Higher Learning Guide Winter 2019 Featuring the latest degree programs from Hebrew Union College, Spertus Institute, and others.   Moment Jewish Summer Camp Guide 2018 Where the stars got their start: William