Women Get the Front Seat

19:30 05 December
Israel’s High Court agreed that gender separation on Israeli public buses violated the principles of equality, individual rights and freedom of religion.   In 2004, I embarked on what I thought was going to be a simple 30-minute bus ride from the center of Jerusalem

Separate But Not Equal

16:05 27 October
In the second of Moment’s series on Arab citizens of Israel, we explore the country’s low-performing segregated Arab schools. After decades of neglect, the Israeli government is taking steps to address inequities. But who should control the schools and write their curricula? The outcome could have a major impact on Israel’s future.

Opinion: Is Tenure Bad for the Jews?

16:54 11 October
If you ask professors why they need tenure, the first words out of their mouths will undoubtedly be some variation of this phrase: “To guarantee academic freedom.” I’ve asked this question dozens, if not hundreds, of times. I have asked professors at both ends of

Letter from Myanmar

14:36 07 October
After decades of repressive military rule, Burma's Jewish community has dwindled to about 20 members. Is there hope for its future? A rare look at life inside the isolated community.

The Life and Times of Skokie

16:09 06 October
The pristine lawns and perfect sidewalks of this Chicago suburb made it a haven for Holocaust survivors—until the neo-Nazis decided to march. This is the story of survivors overcoming their reluctance to speak out, transforming themselves and the community they lived in. But that didn’t help Sonia Reich, who thought she saw yellow stars on her lawn.