Monday, August 19, 2019


Nadine Epstein with Elie Wiesel

From the Editor // Nadine Epstein

15:43 01 September
This summer we lost Elie Wiesel, a great and kind man who was an inspiration to me. Moment has now lost both of its founders, and I, two friends. Without Elie and Leibel—Leonard Fein—it is more important than ever that Moment continue its work and carry on their legacies.

The Art of Mark Podwal

15:20 25 August
Many will be familiar with Mark Podwal’s black and white drawings for the New York Times Op-Ed page and his Jewish-themed illustrations for books by authors such as Elie Wiesel.
40 Years of Moment Der Moment

Celebrating 40 Years of Moment

14:20 07 May
JEWISH AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH 2015 // Leonard Fein, who passed away in 2014, and Elie Wiesel—both writers deeply concerned about Judaism and Jews—founded Moment to be an independent voice in the Jewish American community.

Moment in the News

10:55 28 June
Moment in the News “Look who’s saving Yiddish“, Fortune, July 16, 2019 “Three years after Elie Wiesel’s death“, Newsweek opinion column, July 2, 2019 “Book Q & A’s with Deborah Kalb“, June 28, 2019 “Conversation with Nadine Epstein”  Three years after his passing, those who...