Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hungary at the Turning Point

16:21 03 September
It’s a few days before the May 25 European Parliament elections, and the streets of Budapest are awash with colorful campaign posters urging Hungarians to vote for delegates to represent their country in Brussels. It would be a shining display of democracy in action, a comforting reminder of Hungary’s ten-year membership in the European Union after decades of repressive communist rule, if not for the fact that...

How Jew-Friendly Persia Became Anti-Semitic Iran

16:15 14 June
The complex tale of how the Persian Empire founded by Cyrus the Great—the world’s “first” Zionist—metamorphosed into the Israel-Hating nation we know today. Abdol Hossein Sardari didn’t look like a hero. But when Paris fell to Hitler in June 1940, the 30-year-old Muslim—a dapper man

The New Normal

18:43 20 September
Swift acceptance of gays by the Israeli Defense Forces in 1993 helped transform Israel into one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. Moment looks at the history—and the future—of the gay rights movement in Israel, from the rainbow flag-strewn streets of Tel Aviv to the more traditional enclave of Jerusalem.

Jewish Word | The God Gene

15:09 28 July
Finding Faith in DNA Why do some people believe in God, while others don’t? Is it a person’s choice, the result of upbringing or simply divine will? Theologians have grappled with this question for centuries, but over the last few years, scientists have jumped into