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Nine Lives: Favorite Profiles of Famous People

Nine Lives: Favorite Profiles of Famous People from the Annals of Moment Magazine.  Featuring profiles of Jon Stewart, Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Walter Mosley, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sergey Brin, Brian Epstein, Tony Kushner and Oliver Sacks. Foreword by Sidney Offit.  Afterword by Gloria Steinem. Edited by Marcy Epstein and Nadine Epstein. (MomentBooks).

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Special Summer Double Issue 2022

What makes a word Jewish? We look back on the origins and evolution of some of our favorite words including mensch, glitch and Jewish geography. Moment’s Europe editor Liam Hoare explores efforts to combat deep-seated anti-Semitism in Malmö, Sweden. Marshall Breger describes what he learned during his recent trip to Saudi Arabia; Naomi Ragen details a schism in the wealthy and politically powerful Gur Hasidic dynasty in Israel; Gershom Gorenberg reflects on coming to terms with Ukraine’s complicated Jewish history; and Letty Cottin Pogrebin shines a spotlight on Jewish settlers in the West Bank who terrorize their Palestinian neighbors. “Moment Debate” pits legal journalist Dahlia Lithwick and historian Tevi Troy against each other on the question of whether we are losing our democracy. “Ask the Rabbis” ponders the equally timely question: Does Jewish law offer guidance on how to fight a war? A special expanded “Visual Moment” provides a rare glimpse into the innocence of Europe in 1934, In these never-before-seen streetscapes, an American high school student captured Jewish life on the streets that soon became the Warsaw Ghetto.

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Moment Magazine: Gift a Soldier

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Give A Jewish Military Member the Gift of Moment! In partnership with the Jewish Chaplains Council, Moment sends magazines to Jewish service members in the U.S. military to help them connect to Jewish culture, history and community. You can sponsor a (tax deductible) subscription today. Just select the number of subscriptions you’d like to purchase (or, if you want to select your own donation amount select “Custom Amount” and enter whatever dollar amount you want). If you have any questions or problems please call 202-363-6422 or email us at