Ask the Rabbis // Are Tattoos and Body Piercings Taboo?

17:17 15 February
Independent The Torah’s proscriptions of tattoos applied to imitating religio-cultic ways of peoples who don’t exist anymore, such as Hittites and Yevusites, and later to any peoples with antithetical ways. However, they do not include socio-cultural customs. The late ultra-Orthodox halachic authority Rav Moshe Feinstein

Ask the Rabbis // How Should Jews Treat Their Arab Neighbors?

20:25 06 February
Independent Although we need to take every precaution against fanatical Muslim Arab terrorism in and outside our homeland, we need to cease forcibly displacing peaceful Arabs like Bedouins, destroying their homes (even their mosques!) for the crime of not filling out forms. We were told

Ask the Rabbis // What Makes Someone a “Real” Rabbi?

20:45 01 November
INDEPENDENT It is the community more than anything else that makes someone a rabbi. If the community finds a person’s teachings and leadership inspiring and enriching, if that person enhances their spiritual development and their immersion in Jewish life, this qualifies a person as a